The Rapture Demystified

So, what does Rapture mean?


The Greek word used in Scriptures, (to say Rapture), is "Ecstacy". 

(Hebrew = אקסטזה).

The word means: Trance Of Happiness. 


Here: Because the Lord returns to Settle the Scores.


It does NOT mean: Taking away of the Congregation to God in the Heavens.


I Believe in the Greek Bible it means: Joy for a worldwide Strategy to pull on Satan and his Jihadists.


It will be a Strategy so massive and unbelievable that Satan will fall:


The Strategy is:




Defend Our houses with ARMS on that day. 

and We Destroy ALL of Our electronics that day. 


We Have enough Ammo and Foods to last against a 4 year Jihadist Attack.


The moment of this worldwide Strategy is NOT on the day the Third temple will be BUILT.


The Temple is a massive building that will be built somewhere in Jerusalem, within the next 24 Years.


When IS the moment? 

It is, when The Antichrist will DESECRATE that Temple.

I expect it to be 3 to 4 Years after Its Opening.


All of You MUST defend your HOUSE against Islamic State...


Make Plans the next 24 years to protect Yourself, Your Friends and Families for 4 years straight against a worldwide JIHAD ATTACK. 


Then Islamic State will shrink and be forced to retreat. 


They will go to Israel and then:

Lord Jesus Christ (Rav'Yeshua Hamessiach) returns on Mount Olives, Jerusalem. 


Islamic State will get their Share and will be thrown into the Megiddo plains.


These are a bunch of plains near The Megiddo Fortress, Israel. 


Or they will be thrown into the Gey Hinnom valley... 


That is a place where once there was a Sulfur Hole, Near Jerusalem...

A Waste disposal, mistranslated as Hell.

Its a Playground for kids now.